The Eighth International Symposium on Parallel Architectures, Algorithms and Programming(PAAP2017) is co-sponsored by Hainan Province Computer Federation.


  Hainan Province Computer Federation was founded in January 2,1992. Since the society established in 1992, a lot of efforts have been made on academic exchanges, appraisal of achievement of science and technology, computer science and training, the suggestion of technical workers, talent recommendation and training, and academic activities actively developed on the application of computer and Interne, electronic commerce, e-government affairs and network information security. Hainan Province Computer Federation achieved certain results make a contribution to the development of Hainan Province, computer information industry.


  Hainan Province Computer Federation has successfully organized many large-scale domestic and international conferences including four international conference(WISM2010 (2010 INTERNATION CONFERENCE ON WEB INFORMATION SYSTEM AND MINING)held in Sanya, ACIC2010(ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE AND COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE) held in Sanya, ICCEA2011 (2011 3rd INTERNATION CONFERENCE ON COMPUTER ENGINGEERING AND APPLICATIONS) held in Haikou, CIS2011(2011 INTERNATION CONFERENCE ON COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY) held in Sanya) and has rich experience in the holding a conference.


  The Institute which website located in College of information science and technology Hainan University affiliated to the University of Hainan, the office is located in 209 room, College of information science and technology Hainan University, 58 People's Road ,Haikou, 570228. Tel:0898-66275673,0898-66279275. Contacts: Zhao Qiu, Caimao Li. Corporate Representative: Mingrui Chen.